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From Idaho to Indio: Zach Anderson's Weekend at Coachella

In the Spring and Summer, festival season ramps up and Zach Anderson and his friends travel near and far to see some of the world's top bands while enjoying the cultural spectacle of the environment.

This year, they drove from Idaho to Indio, soaking in the breathtaking scenery along the way. From start to finish, their journey was filled with exploration and spontaneous photo sessions that produced imagery that captures the millennial spirit. 

At Coachella, they camped at El Dorado, right in the heart of the festival. Imagine a sea of stylish black and white wall tents, set up and ready for the group to dive into the Coachella madness. The festival was a whirlwind of music, art, and energy, with the days blurring together in a kaleidoscope of vibrant performances and awe-inspiring installations. It was hot, as usual, but that's all part of the Coachella magic. As always, it was bittersweet when it ended, but the memories made were worth every moment.

Beyond the festival, the adventure continued into the stunning Owen's Valley, nestled at the base of the Eastern Sierras. The landscape there is nothing short of otherworldly. Zach and his friends explored the Alabama Hills, with their surreal rock formations and vast desert vistas. For a truly epic experience, they drove up Whitney Portal Road to the top of Mt. Whitney. Known as “sand to snow,” this drive takes you from the depths of the valley, 4,000 feet below, to the snow-capped peaks above. It's the deepest valley in the United States and an absolute must-see.

Throughout the trip, Zach utilized his friends as models to showcase the journey. Every shot is a testament to the vibrant, adventurous spirit of their generation. Whether it's the dynamic energy of Coachella or the serene majesty of the Eastern Sierras, these photos tell the story of young, bold, and free-spirited explorers.