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David Martinez's New Website Is a Vision Through Balance

"For me, photography and filmmaking are all about taking out what isn't needed to reveal the essential" - David Martinez

A collector of stories: first light, open roads, and salty hair, David Martinez launches his new website to a roaring round of applause. We spoke to David about his background and his photographic vision. Here is what he had to say:


“My love of storytelling started when I was 16 while photographing the San Francisco punk scene. What drew me to photography then is what I still love about it now – the endless ways you can use images to tell a story. And what began as a solitary journey has evolved into a highly collaborative process – an integral part of my photography that I really love. I’m always humbled by how many people and places contribute to one single frame.

That youthful curiosity is now coupled with experience, which I call on when it comes to solving creative problems, creating an environment which allows for serendipity, or knowing the perfect time of day or location to frame the stories I want to tell. Ultimately, it’s not luck that makes a spontaneous picture happen – but careful consideration of environment, light, talent, and production.

In my life as in my photography, I’ve learned to value simplicity. It’s all about each detail being considered – with care + with intention. I draw from that simplicity not only when I choose a surfboard or curate the objects in my home, but when I approach lighting + composition in a photograph as well. From a pared-down approach comes purpose. When I use lights, it’s never done excessively – I light with a gentle touch. When I use natural light, I do so with the intention of respecting the integrity of the light itself.

Ultimately, what I love about photography and motion circles back to simplicity. For me, photography and filmmaking are really about a type of minimalism- how to convey complex ideas in a distilled image or short video piece. It’s about taking out what isn’t needed to reveal the essential.”

Follow David on Instagram to see imagery that is a result of expressing his vision through balance.