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Jason Lindsey On the Importance of Equity, Diversity and Representation During the Casting Process

We’ve seen Jason Lindsey’s skill as a director in the past, but his work for Acuity, an insurance company, had Jason showcase his storyboarding abilities and aptitude to tell a story as effectively as possible. With a second photographer, Jason could focus on the bigger picture and directing and all that comes with that. His ability to jump from role to role on set is something clients value and something that we love to share out. We asked Jason about his experience on this shoot, so read on to learn the importance Jason places on casting.

What did you learn on this project?

Though I learned this early on in my career, I was reminded on this project to appreciate every single person on the team. Each individual brings something special and needed to set and there is no way a project could come together without each of those pieces. 

This was a big project; a TV shoot and stills, two fully scripted boards and a complex story to tell. The story board was originally written for 60 seconds, but needed to be for a 30 and 15 second spot. I helped to recreate the story so that it made sense as a shorter spot. There was lots of back and forth to simplify the story, and each team member helped get it to where it finally landed. Once we created the story, the agency took on the edit and added the music. This shoot really underscored how much of a team sport it is to have a successful shoot.


What was your most memorable moment?
The entire casting process was memorable for me. There was great synergy between myself, the client and the casting agency. Diversity is always really important to me, and it was top of mind for both the client and agency, so that was something we worked hard to achieve. Some of the talent are actors, however most are members of the community, so it really is representative of those that Acuity is working to serve. I hope that everyone can see themselves in these ads in one way or another.

What would you like people to know about you and your work after viewing this?
That I am committed to a more diverse, equitable and fair world. This applies to both my work and personal life. It is such a hot topic right now, but often times isn’t put into practice. I am always striving to create environments and shoots that promote inclusivity, ideally reflected in both crew and talent . The process and then final product of this project will serve as a reminder of what shoots can be, if only you are willing to put in the work and commit yourself to making it that way.

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