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Lupine Hammack Challenges Perception with 'This is Not Food'

Is this candy? Is this food? Trick question, it's actually a photo. 

Lupine Hammack is known for his ability to skate on the edge of the surreal, leaving just enough reality to make it palatable to the human eye. His series, This is Not Food, blends Magritte with Dalí and is a playful exploration into our perception of what constitutes a sophisticated dessert versus candy. A lesson for life to remain playful. 

As a personal project to exercise their internal alchemy, Lupine and Creative Partner Sarah James sourced local specialty candies and augmented those with more commonplace sweets. Methodically, they composed these new and intriguing plates of whimsy. They hope that the images cause you to pause and smile, inspire you to always question the status quo and to eat gummy eggs for breakfast.