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Revisit 2023 in Day19's Zine

Remember when you used to get promos in the office that you could collect or hang on your wall? With Claire and Jeremy Weiss' Zine of their 2023 work, you can spice up wherever your office is and make your coworkers jealous. A combination of personal shots, advertising, BTS, and family memories, each page is artfully curated.  

Creativity and spontaneity go hand in hand in their photography, allowing for unscripted moments to tell stories, reflecting their personal philosophies in the process.

Their harmonious partnership as a photography duo and in their marriage creates images using both of their strengths, collaborating to get the most out of their time on set, or capturing personal memories on vacations and in their own backyard. Each zine is signed and numbered but there are a limited number left, so make sure to get yours soon by emailing Jeremy at jmw@day19.com!