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Blending Art, Science and Social Commentary - Andrei Duman creates Deep Freeze:Hot Topics

Uterus Model - Reproductive Rights

Andrei Duman is not one to shy away from a complicated project. His personal work are projects born out of a deep curiosity about the world, an interest in science, technology and how those impacts us as humans. His attention to detail creates imagery that inspires. With his career marked by a commitment to evolving his craft with every project, his aptly named project “Deep Freeze: Hot Topics” showcases his creativity and technical prowess. 

"Deep Freeze: Hot Topics" is a thoughtful exploration of contemporary issues and a call for dialogue in a time of division. Using ice and its ephemeral beauty to capture a moment in time, Andrei was very intentional with the objects he decided to freeze. Through a meticulous process of freezing the objects, Andrei invites viewers to pause, reflect, and consider their perspectives.

We sat with Andrei to discuss the inspiration behind "Deep Freeze: Hot Topics," the challenges of working with ice, and the profound impact he hopes to achieve with his art.

Beloved by Toni Morrison - Banned Books / Pride Flag - LGBTQ Rights

What inspired you to work with ice as a medium?

Initially, I wanted to freeze mini figurines in giant ice blocks, but I quickly realized the complexity of the process. Creating clear ice, free from impurities, required a deep dive into the science of freezing. As I researched further, I saw an opportunity to elevate the narrative of the project beyond mere aesthetics. In a time of political turmoil and heated debates, I saw ice as a metaphor for cooling down the rhetoric, for inviting dialogue rather than division.

AR - 15 Model - Gun Reform / Stethoscope - Healthcare

Can you walk us through the process of freezing these objects? What were some of the technical challenges you faced?

The process of freezing the objects was both labor-intensive and technically demanding. We worked with a company that specializes in creating clear ice, using large troughs to freeze the blocks from the ground upwards. Each block took several days to freeze completely, with meticulous attention to detail. One of the biggest challenges was moving the heavy objects into position without damaging them or the ice. But through careful planning and collaboration, we were able to overcome these obstacles and bring the vision to life.

Handcuffs - Police Brutality / Syringes - Vaccines

Your project seems to bridge the gap between art and activism. How did you select the objects to freeze, and what message do you hope to convey through them?

I wanted to choose objects that were not only visually striking but also carried weighty symbolism. From a gavel representing the Supreme Court to a Terminator figurine symbolizing the rise of artificial intelligence, each object was carefully selected to evoke contemplation. By freezing these objects in ice, I aim to prompt viewers to pause and reflect on the issues they represent, to consider the need for dialogue and understanding in a polarized world.

Terminator Model - Artificial Intelligence 

Which object presented the greatest challenge, and which one is your personal favorite?

In a continuation of the project, I've begun to freeze other objects. The most challenging one is undoubtedly the McLaren brake caliper, weighing over 500 lbs when suspended in ice. The logistical hurdles of moving such a heavy object were immense, but the end result was truly spectacular, and I can't wait to share that when it's done. As for my favorite, I have a soft spot for the Terminator figurine. Its iconic imagery and thematic relevance make it a standout piece in the collection.

Face Mask - COVID 19 / Coral - Environmental Causes