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Kremer Johnson's Phoblographer Article Featured on Apple News

We love to share when other media outlets write up our artist's work. The Phoblographer, a photography blog and news site, spoke with Neil and Cory about their playful and clever SurityPro campaign.

"With so many commercial photographers out there, how does one set themselves apart in order to consistently attract clients? I suppose one good way is to create a strong portfolio of visually distinct but well-produced images. Kremer and Johnson seem to have done just that, with a mix of fun, well-lit, and creatively produced photoshoots. But Neil Kremer tells us why it was challenging to work with a handful of canines on a recent photoshoot. It was still fun though, as evidenced by the number of laughs they had throughout."

The article was featured on Apple News and we encourage you to read the full interview here